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Check out our new sponsored Streamer!

BloodWolf Gaming Here we are. The first sponsored streamer for BTGN. He is an up and coming youtuber with some great videos to watch. As of this post he has 166 subs on his channel. To show our support for him I will leaves links to his twitch and YouTube channel at the end. I know him in person and […]

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Fall Out 76

IT IS FINALLY HERE! The game I have been selling my soul for since I was first introduced into the Fallout series. A couple of days before its reveal at […]

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The Basics Of Computer Building: For Beginners

Computer Building For Beginners   If you are reading this you maybe wanting to build yourself a custom Computer. And you may also be new looking to find out how to build one. I wont exactly be showing you how to build one but I will be telling you some things that you should know. So that you can be […]