The long awaited public reveal  of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 happened just yesterday. And to my surprise I am actually excited to see it. We got some valued info that will give us a good look into what we can expect in the final release.


Battle Royale Game Mode

Yes. Black Ops 4 has been confirmed to contain a Battle Royale Mode. There are some people who are excited about it and some who aren’t. Me personally I think the whole battle royale thing is just, meh its nothing new really. With games like Player Unknowns Battle Grounds, Fortnite, H1Z1, and even Roblox having a Battle Royale game mode its nothing new. But with the way Black Ops 4 is going to take it. It might be something new all together.


Map Size:

If you have watched the reveal you will know that the maps are going to be massive compared to what we would usually get from a cod game. According to speculation its going to be 150x the size of the usual map size. It has been rumored though that it will be significantly larger but do to the amount of information given we are going to say 150x times larger.


Game Play:

From what I have seen it looks like it will handle the same way that previous cod games have. They will be using their infamous hit scan detection as always. Grenades and other throwables seem to work the same so far. But the newest thing Ive seen is the health bar system. You can see Your teammates health and the enemies. Which if you have seen there is a new mechanic to where you have to stop to heal yourself. Now I don’t know if this will bring classes like we have in battlefield. Such as Scout, Support, assault, or medic. Or it could even be like an Overwatch hero system. Either way each of those would dramatically change the way the game is played. There also looks to be the return of some of the abilities from Black Ops 3. Such as the annihilator pistol, and gravity spikes.


Classic Gamemodes:

There will also be the usual game modes we all know and love. Team Death Match, Hard Point, Capture The Flag. So far every major cod youtuber has posted video gameplay. MerkMusic one of the most prominent cod Youtubers has posted a video of it here.



With this said. I hope black ops 4 wont be a total flop. Because it looks good so far to me. But the one thing I wish they would’ve had is single player campaign. It was one of the thing I would look forward to with the release of each new cod game. Now this was Benji with news of black ops 4. Have a great day and stay tuned on this website for more information on Videogame news, computer hardware reviews and daily stream announcements.



Video credits: MerkMusic



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