When you think of FarCry 5 you probably think about shooting cultists and hunting wild animals with outrageous weapon. And you’re absolutely correct.

Blow Torch




With the blowtorch you can absolutely engulf everything in flames. I cant tell you how many times I’ve taken out a cult outpost with one of these bad boys. I can also tell you that Smokey The Bear is after my ass now simply because of how many forest fires I have started just for the hell of it. And as For the number of enemies I have burned to a crisp, You might as well call me MEIN FURHER . That’s right. I went there.




The fact that this beautiful piece of art has a smiley face makes this thing awesome all on its own. Let me tell ya, when you go around just skulling npcs with the same grin as you have on your shovel. You feel like a god. The shovel on its own looks like something out of the deepest crevices of your mind. And when you put this in your psychopathic hands you are destined to go on a killing spree. I mean come on…. Look at its smug little face.




The shovel launcher is probably every helicopter pilots worst nightmare. Imagine just flying around in your whirly bird and out of no where you get the spade side of a shovel straight in your chest. Or even seeing a shovel stuck in-between the rotor and the thing that keeps it all spinning. And if you have huk jr who makes your rpgs guided you’re about to die knowing that some psychopath decided to tape a javelin missile to a shovel and launch the damn thing.


Puff the automatic homicide



The Flame Thrower, or as I like to call it Puff the automatic homicide. Is every pyromaniacs wet dream. Not only can you spew the flames from hell its self it is far more effective than the blow torch at lighting things on fire. But it doesn’t take as much effort to do so. Smokey The Bear was already mad about me burning down half the forest with the torch. But when he saw me whip out this beautiful peace of hell fire he just stood there defeated. Just completely given up on his effort to stop me.

That’s all for now. Tune in later when I review some more crazy weapons from another game.



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