Computer Building For Beginners


If you are reading this you maybe wanting to build yourself a custom Computer. And you may also be new looking to find out how to build one. I wont exactly be showing you how to build one but I will be telling you some things that you should know. So that you can be more aware of what to look for and what to put in your build. Now here are some questions you should answer.


  • What is it going to be used for?
  • Do I want an intel or AMD cpu?
  • Should I go with NVIDIA or an AMD gpu?
  • What is my budget?


Now for the first question. What will you be using it for? Even though most computer parts work the same, some of them are more designed for specific things. For Example: If you just want to build a gaming rig. You don’t need a high computing Quadro card. For that you would want a consumer grade graphics card. Something like a RADEON rx480 or 580 maybe even an NVIDIA gtx 1080 if you have the budget. Keep in mind there are more budget friendly cards out there.



Like before if all you are doing is building a gaming rig the least you can get away with is a dual core cpu. A 4 core would be most ideal. Although it would work you would more than likely bottle neck your gpu. And since most games are demanding enough you will need four cores at the least. If you want to stream and game at the same time a six or eight core cpu would be best. For budget options you should go with an AMD build. But if you are looking for high end go with an Intel build. Both have great cpus. And with the launch of Ryzen plus you get very solid performance for a great price.



For GPUs you have a vast selection to choose from. AMD and NVIDIA are going to be the only major decision you would need to make. The only thing you need to make sure of is that it has an acceptable amount of VRAM. You should try to find card with atleast 2 gigs of it. If you want a more admirable frame rate you should either buy a card with 4 gigs of VRAM or turn down your graphics settings.


Now the amount of RAM you have doesn’t really impact much. But I would be lying if it didn’t impact much at all. If you aren’t planning on using your pc for anything more than to make Microsoft xl documents you can get away with 2 gigs of ram. For gaming you should at least have 8 gigs. Even though games don’t regularly use more than 8 gigs, ideally you should get 16 but with the way the memory prices are right now good luck with getting memory for a decent price.


Now the type of computer you are going to build depends on your budget. For 500 dollars you can make a decent gaming computer or a great office pc. For that you may want to consider finding a cpu with integrated graphics. That is when there is a gpu built into the dye with the cpu. And with a budget build it is a great option. For 750 you can get a pretty decent gaming rig with great value. It could include an overclockable cpu, a gtx 1050ti which is a pretty good card for the price. Of course with more money to pour into it the better pc you can get. I will provide a list from pc part picker from multiple price points for you to check out and modify.



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