IT IS FINALLY HERE! The game I have been selling my soul for since I was first introduced into the Fallout series. A couple of days before its reveal at E3 BETHESDA posted a teaser on YouTube about this game. The only information that we got about the game though was the setting, the name, and the time frame. But at E3 we got everything we would ever need along with a short bit on gameplay.

The Setting


Set in the great state of West Virginia is where this game is going to be. And from the looks of it, its not going to be like any other fallout game we have ever had. In the previous games they were all set in the waste lands centuries after the bombs fell. They were also detonated very near the area that you are able to explore. But this time around the bombs have barely touched the area. Leaving the local foliage its green. So unless you have been modding the living hell out of your game like I have, it’ll be like no other Fallout game you have ever played. Giving you a fresh experience in the series.

The Creatures

Due to the game naturally having monsters due to radiation they are going to be including some from West Virginias folklore. Which looks something like this

GoneTK on meth (Mega Sloth)


Ugly Duckling (Scorch Beast)


Snuggle muffins (Grafton Monster)


Fluffy (MothMan)


Game Play


Just like we wanted Fallout 76 Will be online. Which means that you will be able to team up with a few friends and go out and explore the wilderness together. And also play against other players in the world. Though I believe they said there wont be any private lobbys for a bit after the game is released. Although they did say that you will be able to mod them. Which is either exciting or terrifying depending on the person running it. It is also rumored to be able to have 24 players in one world.


The base gamegame

  • Comes with the base game
  • Retails for $60-$48 for amazon prime
  • Releases November 14 2018

Deluxe Edition

  • The game
  • Tricentennial power armor customization for the T-51, T45, T-60, and X-01 power armors.
  • Tricentennial weapon customization for the 10mm pistol, Hatchet, and laser rifle.
  • Vaultboy mascot head
  • Uncle Sam outfit
  • Vaultboy solute emote
  • First class tricentennial workshop posters
  • Tricentennial commemorative photo frame
  • $80-$64 for amazon prime
  • Releases November 14 2018

Power Edition


  • Everything in deluxe
  • Exclusive steel book
  • wearable T-51 helmet
  • Bag to carry the helmet
  • Glow in the dark map of the world
  • 24 figurines based on in game models
  • $200-$160 with amazon prime
  • Releases November 14 2018


That’s all I can supply you guys with today. I hope you guys read through and enjoyed my article. And wish you a nice day!


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