BloodWolf Gaming


Here we are. The first sponsored streamer for BTGN. He is an up and coming youtuber with some great videos to watch. As of this post he has 166 subs on his channel. To show our support for him I will leaves links to his twitch and YouTube channel at the end.

I know him in person and let me tell ya, this guy can keep you entertained. He plays  games like For Honor, Dead by daylight,  the occasional COD, Destiny 2, and The last of us. He posts gameplay videos, salty player compilations on his YouTube channel, and also Streams on Twitch. I don’t usually watch twitch streamers but for this guy I am a fan.

The reason why we here at BTGN decided to bring him on the team, is to show that we believe in his ability to grow and entertain all of you here. And as we see it this could be beneficial to both of us. To bring you guys a new and exciting entertainer and for us to reach a broader audience.

Already with in the first hour of him posting his latest video (here). We saw that a person all the way across the world to visit this little website. And to that person, on behalf of BTGN we say hello to our first international visitor.

That’s it for now! Please go check out BloodWolf Gaming andour other articles!

Links to BloodWolfs media:





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