Here we have the AOC g2460pf. One of my most recent purchases for my computer. In fact it is the monitor I am writing this article on currently. As you can see from the picture above, it sports a 144hz refresh rate, and 1ms gray to gray response time. Along with this monitor you get 2 built in 2 watt speakers. Which to be honest it doesn’t sound the best so if you care about the way your music or games sound you wont want to use them.

The reason why I bought this monitor though because it has everything I wanted at a reasonable price. For 193 U.S dollars you can get 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, built in 2 watt speakers all in one housing. As far for the packaging  contents it comes with 1 HDMI cord, 1 DisplayPort cable, a power cable (obviously), and a little bracket that you can use at the base of the monitor stand to help manage some cables.

For the amount you would pay it is an absolute great buy. Now something to keep in mind is its not the most high end monitor that you can go with. An example of this is around the areas where you would plug in your display cable there is what seems to be some exposed metal. Although its certainly not visible from the front ,or (to some extent) from the back its just really one of those nit picky things that shouldn’t really bother you.

As far as gaming on the AOC G2460PF its actually really great. The 144hz refresh rate makes your games run smoothly at high frame rates, the AMD freesync is pretty great as well. The picture quality is good out of the box, although you might want to recalibrate it depending on your needs. It does have preset modes for different things. As for viewing angles its about average because of it having a TN panel. So the overall quality of it is pretty great and I would certainly recommend it for anyone looking for a great budget monitor.

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