An intro build into PC gaming

In this article you will find some parts and suggestions for your first (or second) small budget orientated PC. In case you want to buy any of the parts included here, just click the pictures and it will take you to an amazon link where you can buy the item!


Cost: 149.99

For the CPU today we will be choosing the Ryzen 5 2400G. With the 4 core 8 thread CPU with an integrated Vega 11 dye you cant really get any better value. The integrated graphics can actually run some games in 1080p at low settings decently. It works best when you are playing an e-sports title since they aren’t very graphicly demanding. And if you do so desire you can use the video ports on the back of the motherboard instead of the GPU.

The Motherboard

Cost: 67.53

You can never go wrong with buying an MSI board. I have used MSI motherboards in all of my builds and I have yet to run into a major issue. With this board you get 2 dim slots for up to 32 gigs of memory! Which isn’t really necessary. You also get onboard usb 3.0, 4 sata parts, one pci-x16 slot for your GPU of choice.


Cost: 169.99

It pains me a bit to recommend this item but damnit I cant deny its value. The GTX 1050ti is capable of delivering 60 frames a second on low to medium settings in the highs 50s at 1080p. With its 4 gigs of gddr4 it can easily run triple A titles and e-sports with relative ease. If I were to get another pc I would definitely get this card.

The Memory

Cost: 89.99

With this kit of 2 4 gig sticks clocked at 2800mhz it would help out your Ryzen processor. With the Ryzen series of chips faster memory help a lot. And since this kit runs at such a frequency its a good pair with The CPU

The Power Supply

Cost: 59.99

Although this isn’t a fully modular power supply its still great. Its actually the one I’m using right now. It has a 20+4 pin connector for the mother board, and an 8 pin CPU connector tethered to the power supply. Along with that you also get 3 6 pin ports, and 1 8 pin.

The Storage

Cost: 43.63

This doesn’t really need a description really. It has 1TB capacity which Is plenty for the games and operating system that you will be downloading.

The Case

Cost: 49.90

The Thermaltake versa N21 is a good case to put these parts in. It has a side window so you can see a bit of the build, 1 usb 3.0 port, 2 usb 2.0 ports, and a rear exhaust fan to help remove heat. Not to mention it has pretty nice styling.

Ok so all in all this build will cost you 631.02 (not including an operating system). I would say that is a pretty good setup for the money. Even with these parts there is still a lot of room for upgradeability. You could change the CPU to one with a higher core count, or a GPU with more memory. Either way you can make it the way you want.


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