Nvidia announced its new generation of graphics card at Gamescom earlier and it looks pretty interesting so far.


As you can already tell by the feature image they are redoing the founders edition. Instead of a blower fan style they are going with a dual fan cooling solution. Already we can see that its going to have much better thermals than the last generation of founders cards. Not only is there going to be improved thermals but there will also be “improved” graphic performance. So lets talk about it.

With the new architecture comes new features. The new generation will be using GDDR6 memory. This isn’t really anything surprising since it has already been rumored for a while that it would. So it already has improved VRAM performance.

Along with the new memory some of the cards will feature real time ray tracing. Which seems to be the center focus on the new architecture. Only the 2080ti, 2080, and 2070 will have this feature though. The 2060 and 2050 will not have dedicated raytracing capability on the GPU dye. They will still be able to do it but they could theoretically do it.

Since the ray tracing relies on being rendered on the fly they will have tensor cores on them like the Titan V has. There will also be a sort of “AI” to help with the rendering of what ever gets traced by rays. Current graphics cards are capable of it (even AMD cards) but needless to say it wont be as fast as having it baked into the architecture.

So really other than some new features and new architecture there isn’t really anything new. The pricing is similar to last years cards, no real increase to VRAM on the cards so there isn’t any real improvements in that area.



As you can see on the chart right here there is a significant increase in price through out the tiers. The founders edition of cards for this generation are coming at a bit of a premium. The highest tier is seeing a 71% increase in price! Granted it is introducing real time raytracing but it is quite a price gap. Although they are trying to bring real time ray tracing to the mainstream its going to be a bit hard because of those prices. As far as it has come it is making games look amazing but will it really be worth it in the end?

Game Visuals

It is hard to demonstrate ray tracing through photograph. So I will be leaving hyperlinks through out this section to show you them.



Now Nvidia was pretty proud to show off this one. They basically rendered entire scenes in battle front with the “new” technology. Needless to say it looks really pretty.


-Battlefield V


-Shadow Of The Tomb Raider


Well this marks the end of the article. Im hoping that Nvidia will kick this off because this is really making these games look gorgeous. I am also looking forward to what AMD will fire back with in response. This year ought to be an interesting one. Now lets see what comes from AMD this year to compete with Nvidia. Hopefully it will be making our games look gorgeous.

Sorry for such a short article but I am really pressed for time so this is all I can do for now. I will come back and edit this with more info and pictures when I have the time. Thank you for visiting and reading this article I Hope you guys have a wonderful day or night 🙂


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