Here we go. Black ops 4 black out beta is finally out. With it comes some nods to previous call of duty games. First off here is NoahJ456 playing the beta just for the gameplay.

The Map

The map its self is the size of 1500 nuke town maps. Which in my book is pretty large. Along with it comes a few familiar places.

black out map


As you can see from the map we have a little place called NukeTown Island. So if we don’t get the map in regular multiplayer, at least we will have it here. I don’t have any screenshots so I will link a video of the area here.


The popular zombies map from world at war does make an appearance in the map. In it is also an easter egg of sorts. Again I do not have any screen shots just yet so here is a video link.

Game mechanics

There seems to be a few new mechanics added to the game. And some “borrowed” from other battle royale games. One of the new mechanics is bullet travel time out of all things. When I was watching JackFrags live stream earlier I noticed that his bullets weren’t always hitting its target even when his cross hairs were right on it. It doesn’t seem to be as severe as battlefields or Armas ballistics but it will definitely be something to get used to.

Drop in

When you are first rolling into the map you are in a helicopter. Just like other battle royale games you jump out from the carrier vehicle and guide yourself to where you want to go. And when you jump out you are in a “squirrel” suit I think its called. Which isn’t really anything to wright home about but I haven’t seen a battle royale game use that before.


Obviously it is using the games base weapons as you would expect. But what you wouldn’t expect is what I would call the “snap” on attachments. Say that you pick up a rifle and you have it in your hands and you see a foregrip and pick that up also, it will be automatically put on to the weapon. Which I think is pretty handy.

After death

After your death there is a moment to where you can say a few quick words before you want to return to the menu for a new lobby. And as I just saw on twitter here is an example.

And that is it for now, when there is more information out for me to use I will add it to the article along with some screen shots of the maps.


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