So we are a little bit late to the party, but Intel has announced their coffee lake refresh and its looking about what you would expect.


Core I9


The first thing to talk about is the core “I9” processor. As you can see it has 8 processor cores and 16 threads. Along with a base speed of 3.6 Ghz it has a max turbo clock of 5 Ghz (single core). If that is the case this Will be an excellent overclocker. You can practically already see the overclocking wars happening now.

Core I7


With this refresh it seems as though they are nerfing the I7. With only 8 cores and 8 threads it looks like it will perform a bit worse if not similar to the I9. We will see if the price to performance is worth the upcharge.

Core I5


It looks like they are going to keep the same core and thread count on the I5 as last year, So no real telling how much of a performance difference there is this time.


For now that is it. I will come back with more news and benchmarks when they are out!


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