Today on WTFGN I bring you a streamer I personally watch nearly every time he is online. And let me tell ya you’ll enjoy this man. He is a variety streamer of the sorts. Hailing from the land of debauchery his name (if you couldn’t already tell) Is Warkinious. He mostly plays Tom Clancys: Rainbow six siege, but he also plays games such as Killing Floor 2, and rocket league. He seemed to have earned the nickname “Prokinious” through various plays such as these.

A clip from R6

A clip from Rocket League

We definitely have a Prokinious here. Anyways he can commonly be seen playing with Sad_Panda, Skinny Imposter, Aeonian_Penguin, and Allibot_2020. These are also great Streamers but we will get to them later. When you put all these people into one lobby the whole damn game is set on fire. I have never been more entertained by any other group of streamer. Along with the community these people have built is amazing. Because of the love and support going on in their discord they helped me reach the 50 followers required for twitch affiliate. And for that I thank them.

Anyways please go check out Warkinious and give him a follow at . Tell them Scenically sent ya.



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